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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy a Truncali Knife?
    Go to one of the "Available Knives" pages (Lockbacks, Automatics) and make a selection. Call or email me to check availability. See the Contact Page for contact information or to send a message. We'll discuss payment methods and complete your purchase. All major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Pay Pal are accepted. Enjoy your knife for generations and remember, every Truncali Knife comes with a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee.
  • What are Truncali Knives made of?
    You can be sure that your new Truncali Knife is made with the finest materials available. I use the highest-grade stainless steels, the very best Damascus steel as well as exotic handle materials like mammoth ivory, mother of pearl and carbon fiber. There is always a wide selection of knives with various handle materials on TruncaliKnives.Net.
  • What if my knife breaks?
    Your Truncali Knife comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. As long as the knife hasn't been abused (used as a screwdriver or pry bar, etc.), I will repair or replace your knife and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Please note that natural and exotic handle materials are not covered by the lifetime warranty. Many of those materials are fragile and will crack or break if dropped or abused in any way.
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